Nicolas Polli
my self-portrait
hopes by Life Round Here on Flickr.
untitled by Juliana M. M. Soares on Flickr.
poor shell by Life Round Here on Flickr.
Evian Christ by Bafic. on Flickr.
untitled by chelsee ivan on Flickr.
Rosali berlin by Sophie Van der Perre on Flickr.
a canary by katerin/ on Flickr.
untitled by Hudson Gardner on Flickr.
201403140838 by peterbaker on Flickr.
untitled by sanja bistricic on Flickr.

Countenance Map !


We have already sent a first map to a printing house. We should receive it back very soon. We can’t wait to see a result! We publish a full list of people participating in the zine “Countenance Map” which was created in cooperation with blog

Nicolas Bellet
Natalia Budantseva
Justyna Chrobot
Harold Diaz
Elodie Farge
Elea García
Katja Garkushko
Anthony Gerace
Paweł Giza
Alicia Griffiths
Kivilcim Güngörün
Oskar Kardemark
Alexander Krischner
Olivia Larrain
Martin Lavielle
Paul Meussling
Jowita Paszko
Lesya Pchelka
Aleksandra Perovic
Andrea Resner
Adam Revington
Pia Riverola
Emmanuel Rosario
Eren Saracevic
Sean Schermerhorn
Susanna Spangberg
Krisztina Toth
Takuroh Toyama
Hanna Ukura
Helena Vieira
Fabio Villafane
Kamil Iimage